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October 2010 Newsletter


Hello, and welcome to the Happy October 2010 DreamHost Newsletter!

Halloween is just around the corner, but nothing in this newsletter will be sc...


HA HA! Just kidding. This is not going to be a scary newsletter because I...


Ha ha! Sorry, got you again! So like I was saying, I'm not crazy about the whole scaring part of Halloween. I'm more into the candy.

Mostly I stick with choc...


Oh man, I totally got you AGAIN! You should have seen the look on your face and I...


AGAIN! Oh brother, you're really not taking this well. Are you sure you're ok? I could...


Ok, now you're turning red! Seriously, that...


I'll call an ambulance.

"DreamHost PS" is now "VPS"

Did you know that DreamHost offers Virtual Private Servers? You didn't?

Well most of the people searching for 'VPS' on "The Google" didn't, either. That's because there's a long-standing tradition 'round these parts of assigning cutesy names to complicated concepts.

And in fact calling it "DreamHost PS" made it sound like some exotic, proprietary technology that involved a lot of reading to understand what, exactly, it was.

So, as of now, "DreamHost PS" is dead. And, as of now, "VPS" is the name of the game. Because, names aside, that's really what it's always been.

It's like when Happy Gilmore thought he was a hockey player but everyone except him KNEW deep down that he was a golfer. VPS has always been there, deep down inside of us, waiting to beat Shooter McGavin in an epic battle to save our grandmother's house from foreclosure.

If you find yourself outgrowing traditional web hosting and need the power and flexibility that comes with dedicated hardware - but not the bill at the end of the month - VPS services from DreamHost are an excellent place to start.

DreamHost VPS

Available in both general-use web server or MySQL-optimized flavors, VPS services are free for the first week, we'll transfer over all of your data at no extra charge, and you can monitor and adjust your resource usage (and ultimately control the total amount of your bill) at a moment's notice.

You can scale your VPS services up or down manually using our web-based control panel OR programatically using our burgeoning API:

DreamHost API

There is no better value in web...


Ceph Enters Private Alpha Testing

You may recall a 'little' side project of ours called Ceph. It's an in-development distributed file system, included in the Linux kernel, designed with an eye toward scalability, reliability, and performance.


I say 'little,' but there's nothing little about Ceph. It's designed to smoothly store exabytes of data and in so doing solve the problems of anyone who handles massive amounts of data across massive amounts of servers...Unless one of those problems is a life-threatening disease, in which case Ceph will do nothing. Sorry.

If only there were some kind of industry that really had a need for such a creature. Something like... oh...I don't know... The web hosting industry? Your IT department? Anyone who stores any type of data on the Internet?

Ceph has now reached a point in its development where most of the major pieces are in place and, for the most part, things are working. Now comes the fun part. You guessed it, the...


Haaa! Ok, ok, seriously. The fun part is the testing phase. And last month that began in earnest, with an internal alpha test (now in progress!) that saw some big names taking the reins and putting Ceph through its paces.

Read the announcement

That first phase was by invitation only. However we do have plans to open up the test to a wider audience as early as this November!

To get in on that hot testing action, make sure you join the DreamHost Developer mailing list if you haven't already:

DreamHost Developers

Hiring Bonanza!

Here's something you don't hear much of anymore... "We're hiring."

And not only that, we're hiring like crazy.

Right now these jobs are holes with no pegs. Pumpkins with no guts. Glazed donuts with no...donut holes.

We're hiring across the board with openings in nearly every department. Human Resources, Marketing, Product Development, Software Development... You name it, there's got to be SOMETHING here you're good at.

At the very minimum, all positions will require you to:

  • have some years of experience under your belt
  • be willing to commute to downtown Los Angeles or north Orange County, California
  • be able to adapt and meld with a unique company culture that involves twice-weekly catered lunches and impromptu ping pong tournaments

This news is so hot off the presses that we're still coming up with official job descriptions for all of them. If you meet the above requirements and are looking for employment, it'd be a good idea for you to check in on our "jobs" page throughout the month of October.

DreamHost Jobs

We're serious about filling these positions quickly. We have big plans and we really need more womanpower to make it all happen. Manpower will work too, but in my experience it does not smell or look nearly as nice.

DreamHost 101: Suggestions!

Would you like us to stop doing something?


Are we not doing something now that you'd like us to start doing?

If you answered yes to either question I bet you've got some kind of suggestion for us. It's been there floating around in your head for weeks, months...maybe even years, and you've always waited for just the right time to pipe up and share your brilliant idea.

There's no time like the present to get it out of your system and put it into ours; our suggestion system, that is!

Not only can you submit suggestions to us through your web panel, but you can also view and vote on suggestions submitted by your fellow DreamHostees.

Make a Suggestion!

The best suggestions will rise to the top and be born into this world as beautiful, clean-burning, non-oxidizing, new features.

Sell us on your App!

Our one-click software installer has proven to be a very popular part of what I like to call "The DreamHost Lifestyle". This lifestyle, as you might expect, consists of weekly scalp massages, crisp martinis, comfortable slippers, and easy, automatic software installations.

One-Click Installer

The problem with our one-click installer is that it's kind of a closed system in that we're the ones green-lighting the apps that get selected for inclusion. The list is small, the demand is great and, not to put too fine a point on it, we have the power to make or break a web app with a flick of our diamond-encrusted pinky-ring.

We get approached every day by app developers who want to see the fruits of their labor spring forth from the loins of our web panel. They leave messages on our voicemail, send tickets in to our support team, and even manage to track down our personal email addresses to sing their apps' praises.

It became clear that we needed a place to centralize all these requests.

So we made one.

Submit an App!

While we can't guarantee that we'll add any new apps to our one-click installer, we CAN guarantee that we'll all be a lot happier if you would just stop harassing us on LinkedIn!


The Internet is full of scary things. The DreamHost Sites of the Month are, thankfully, not sc...


Hah! Never gets old.

As voted by you, the winners for SEPTEMBER are as follows...

The winner in the ORIGINALITY category is:
Feedback Roulette
"Hi everyone! I'm excited to present this tool - it's a service for anonymous exchange of feedback about websites. You review others' websites and others review yours. People rate each other's feedback and the system is constructed in such a way, that people with similar ratings review each other's sites. This means if you write useful feedback for others - you get useful feedback yourself. This is a beta version, much more interesting stuff to come... Thanks for feedback everyone!"


The winner in the OVERALL and CONTENT categories is:
Tjoonz.com | Get your low-frequency fix!
"Tjoonz.com is a jumping platform for amateur and professional music artists alike, who want to promote their electro house, dubstep or drum and bass music for free. Fresh Bass Music is served on a daily basis since 2008."


The winner in the DESIGN and STRUCTURE categories is:
Mana Pool
"No-nonsense PC Game Reviews and Game Guides for enthusiasts of PC Gaming. Mana Pool is your source for unbiased gaming reviews and guides on the PC."


Congratulations to the winners!

Don't forget to cast your votes (and enter your own site) for the next round of DHSOTMs at


See ya next month!

Brett D!

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