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June 2014 Newsletter


Hi, friends!

If you're anything like me you're 6'2", have recurring dreams of being able to levitate, and generally rely on low-lighting situations to look your best.

You also really aren't into sports...until the World Cup comes on.

When this international soccer/futball/footie championship comes a-knocking it seems to unlock a hidden internal pouch of testosterone that only unathletic nerds are born with. I seem to have one.

The sudden release of four years of latent hormone buildup results in madness and chaos that I have struggled to channel into fervent Google searches like "What is soccer" and "Do all pairs of soccer shoes come in different colors?" and "How many games do you need to tie to win the World Cup?"

If you're unaffected, consider yourself lucky. This is an affliction I would not wish on anybody. But, if you're going through what I'm going through, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT FREAKING LAST-MINUTE USA/PORTUGAL TIE? And how exactly did The Netherlands pull off that Mexico defeat?

Just writing those words made my gut wrench up. Yeesh. Who am I?

This is bad.

I can't wait for this all to be over so I can go back to not caring about sports again and being smug about it at the same time.

See you on the other side.


Simon Says... (Written by CEO Simon Anderson!)

You may have heard about the "Net Neutrality" policy debate that's going on in Washington DC at the moment. I think it's a really important issue for everyone that uses the Internet to be aware of, and weigh in on.

Net Neutrality is the concept that no content provider (or bit stream) on the Internet should be able to pay the core Internet infrastructure providers to get priority for delivery of that content to the browser. In my opinion it's really a debate about how best to keep the Internet open. We like open: Source. Democracy. Debate. Knowledge. Openness feeds the human spirit, and removes drag on innovation.

The FCC has proposed new draft rules that are ostensibly directed at protecting the open Internet:

FCC Launches Broad Rulemaking to Protect and Promote the Open Internet

...but in doing so might actually allow this kind of "fast lane" preferred treatment, depending on the final language and the influence of the telcos and cable companies.

There's a four month period for public comment on the draft rules, and I think it's important for as many Internet users' opinions to be heard. We support the Electronic Frontier Foundation's efforts to advocate for rules that keep the Internet open, without pay-for-play priority traffic "lanes", and encourage you to consider making your voice heard with the FCC using the comment form here:



(Now back to Brett!)

New Branding Coming Your Way!

If you're viewing the HTML version of this email, you've maybe noticed a subtle change to something in the header of this message.

Maybe you didn't. Scroll up. Look again.

Boom. New DreamHost logo. Pretty swank, huh?

We've been slowly rolling that new logo out across the Internet over the past few weeks along with updated overall branding that just looks nicer, cleaner, and more professional than that janky old business that I cooked up in PhotoShop nearly fourteen (!) years ago.

We've even been testing out a new version of dreamhost.com that everyone will get to check out not-too-long from now.

Consider this your heads-up notification! Do not be alarmed. While the paintjob might be different, we're the same lovable lunks deep down, working hard to keep your data safe and your sites humming!

Meet Us At OSCON & BlogHer This Month!

If you think the new logo's great, wait until you see our business cards. They feel so incredible I've already rubbed holes in a dozen of my own.

DreamHost will be exhibiting at OSCON, O'Reilly Publishing's super-popular open-source conference in Portland, Oregon July 20-24. Come see us at booth 631!

OSCON 2014

OSCON is also home to the official 4th birthday party for OpenStack, the open-source cloud stack that powers DreamCompute, our cloud computing platform; now accepting applications for beta testers!

DreamHost.com: DreamCompute

We'll also be at BlogHer in San Jose, California the 24th-26th! We'll be at booth 507.

BlogHer 2014

This will be the 10th BlogHer ever and DreamHost's FIRST. We're really looking forward to meeting new friends at this super-hyped show that's been created by and for talented content creators of all types!

But mostly ladies, I'm guessing.

Even if you're not attending BlogHer, if you plan to be in or around the San Jose area, we're throwing a little shin-dig for local DreamHost customers on Friday, July 25th.

Our third annual Reach Out & Touch You Tour will BLOW UP San Jose on July 25th at 7pm. Grab a ticket if you'll be around!

DreamHost's 2014 Reach Out & Touch You Tour

See you there! Maybe?

Privacy Policy Update

This thing! We updated it:

DreamHost.com: Privacy Policy

There's nothing really onerous in this update. We just want to use some neat new data trackers that'll help us figure out if the soon-to-come, all-new dreamhost.com is actually making your lives better or just more confusing.

I hope that's okay with you!

DreamHost WTF: Mobile Site Builder

What's that feature? It's our Mobile Site Builder!

You've got a website - that's great! But is it...responsive?

Responsive websites are ones that know what type of display you're viewing them on (computer monitor, tablet, smart phone, etc) and then adapt themselves to look absolutely brilliant no matter what size screen you're viewing them on.

If you don't know what you're doing, creating a site that incorporates a responsive design can be tough as butts. It doesn't have to be!

We've partnered with Duda to provide you with a tool that will suck in your current website, whether it's static pages, WordPress, Drupal, WHATEVA, and it'll then spit out - within seconds - a completely responsive, mobile-optimized version of your website.

DreamHost Control Panel: Mobile Site Builder

Don't like what Duda's built for you? No problem! You can make whatever changes you want to within an easy-to-use web-based interface before you pay anyone a dime - and before your optimized site ever hits public eyes.

Check it out! Our mobile site builder is free to play with - you only pay if you end up publishing your mobile-optimized site to the world.

DHSOTMs - all new!

The DreamHost Site Of The Month is a coveted title reserved for a select few DreamHost customers who are among the most talented and probably most attractive content creators on the Internet today.

As voted by YOU, the DHSOTM winner in *all* categories from MAY is...

This Is Graphic Design
"The OCADU Graphic Design Graduate's Website. Check out the work of the 2013/14 graduating class and get in touch with some of Toronto's newest up and coming creative talent!"


So many smiling faces! So much talent! My browser exploded.

BRAAAAAAAP! Important announcement here!

Starting now, we're going to *change up* the way we accept entries for our Site Of The Month contest!

Instead of asking you to login to the DreamHost control panel, submit your site, and vote on others, we're going SOCIAL. A recent MBA grad told us that social media was the future of the Internet, and while I'm skeptical we're going to try it out anyway.

If you'd like your site to be considered as a site of the month and potentially be mentioned in this very...unique newsletter, just TWEET your site's URL(s) with the #DreamHostSOTM hashtag. We'll search through all the entries at the end of the month and arbitrarily assign a winner to the one site that tickles our fancies the most.

You know what else isn't fair? Hitler.


See ya next month!
Brett D!

P.S. - The science isn't in yet, but early data shows that World Cup fever *might* be transmitted via email. Play it safe and unsubscribe: