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June 2010 Newsletter


Hello, and welcome to the Happy June 2010 DreamHost Newsletter!

Why so Happy? Well, if this is the June newsletter, it must mean you've got three more months of summer! Again!

And why so DreamHost? Well, that's the name of the company sending you this newsletter.

And why so Newsletter? Well, because we've got a lot of letters that when combined in certain ways, make lots of "new" things, which is why we say "news".

And what's the theme of this month's newsletter? Bonus points for you if you already figured it out from the Table of Contents above. Give up?

Too bad, you get no Bonus points. You get Boner points. Boner in the olden-timer-g-rated sense of the word, you know, "to mess up".

This month's theme is: UPGRADED!

As in: software -> UPGRADED, employees -> UPGRADED, and most importantly newsletter-writer -> UPGRADED!

That's right, in case you couldn't already tell, Brett has been kicked to the curb. THIS IS JOSH.

(Don't worry... Brett is just on paternity leave. He'll be back, I think.)

Bryan Bogensberger: UPGRADED!

It's hard to describe how one would upgrade a "Bryan Bogensberger" without first knowing what a Bryan Bogensberger is. I'll do my best to paint a picture:

Bryan Bogensberger is a man, maybe like 41? Currently living in Montreal. Probably like 5'10"? 185 lbs? Or 10 stones as they say up there. He wears shirts and pants and clothes in general, and he just started working for us as our "VP Business Strategy"!

He's the first guy with a title (besides "Head Honcho" of course), and now everybody's getting one, whither it be "Director of Direction", "Arch Bishop", or "Josh Jones, MD PhD CSA LLC".

Bryan was co-founder and CEO of Marketingisland, then co-founded Reasonably Smart, which got acquired by Joyent a couple of years ago, and when he recently left Joyent, we knew WE HAD TO HAVE HIM. So we did. Get him, that is. Not have him. Though we do now. Have him, I mean.

Now that Bryan is here running our Business Strategy, I bet things are going to change! A lot! For the better! If so, you know whom to thank! If they get worse, you know whom to blame too. Dallas.

Ten One-Click Install Apps: UPGRADED!

Of course, there are still lots of one-click apps that we have to still help OURSELVES. And as such, we've upgraded in the last "month" (since the last newsletter) all the following to the newest version:

Easy One Clicks: wordpress, zenphoto, and phpbb.

Advanced One Clicks: wordpress, statusnet, openvbx, mediawiki, moodle, piwik, and phpbb.

What's one-clicks?


is one-clicks!

Affiliate Referrals: UPGRADED!

I don't know if you've ever noticed this before, but guys like aquariums way more than girls. Why is that?

I don't know if you've ever noticed this before, but DreamHost newsletters sort of build in the quality of the features announced in the beginning, but then they quickly peak and suddenly fall straight off the "cliff of dubious utility". I know why that is.

So... what I'm trying to say here is we've got another AWESOME new feature for all you sleaze-ball affiliates trying to make a buck off OUR hard work! You know how our affiliate program offers you money not just for who you refer, but also a little bit for who THEY refer?

We have always done that because that's what lots of other places do. However, I never really thought about WHY affiliate programs do that. After a decade though, it finally clicked. It's so people work on recruiting other _affiliates_ (not JUST customers)! DOI.

And yet, we never offered a way for affiliates to refer a new affiliate (only a new hosting customer)! Until now... check out the instructions:


And I repeat; DOI.

Calling All Web Developers!

We have big plans for the future. BIG. And we're looking at our API- using customers to ride that gravy train with us.


We've set up a mailing list to get things rolling as we enter a new era of developer relations!

Sign up today and you'll be able to write code that interacts with DreamHost - more or less fulfilling your goal of becoming a full-fledged DreamHost employee. You can even pretend to talk to invisible coworkers as you write code in your bedroom.


Of course, there's always what we call the "bounce" at the end of the newsletter.. our ever-entertaining DreamHost Site of the Month winner(s)!

The June winners are:


For "structure, design, content, and overall" categories! Of course, it lost big time on "originality" .. which is no surprise because it looks just like a zillion other photographer portfolio sites to me! Whoapa!

HOWEVER, all is not lost.. the site that did win for "originality":


is pretty cool! What they do is leave real, physical, note cards around the real, physical world. The note cards have a drawing or question on them and a unique code. If you find one of those note cards, you're asked to go to the site, enter the code, and type in your reaction to the message or picture!

It's kinda like wheresgeorge.com but more artsy-fartsy! And I like it because it's pretty similar to an idea I had a while ago to do that "virtually" with an iPhone app. Like you would just check if anybody had left a "note" near the location you were at and then you could reply to it. Which itself was a pretty similar idea to an idea I had in 1996 about a site where you could email anything@thatsite.com and it would save your email until somebody else emailed exactly that same anything@thatsite.com, at which point it would send you their email and them yours! Sort of like chatroulette for 1996 I guess.

Would somebody make that site for me please? I promise I'll mention it in the newsletter. Ah you know what, screw it, it should only take a few minutes to make. I'll make it myself. Please hold...

There, I'm done! Send an email to _anything_at_all_@invisiblenote.com and when somebody else sends one, you'll get each other's emails! Wowzozoa!

See ya next month!

Me again,

P.S. Are you a fan of the old-style of everything? Unsubscribe at: