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May 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to May!

Mayhap you're the mayor of Mayfair and you've been eating mayonnaise sandwiches with a side of mayapple salad waiting for the May newsletter to arrive.

And maybe you're not.

One Million Domains

This month we hit a crucial milestone in the history of DreamHost!

We now host one MILLION domains.

Please imagine me petting a hairless cat now.

One Million!

You, our most handsome/beautiful (circle one) customer, are the reason for our continued success.

You could have thrown your domain on any number of servers across this great Internet of ours, and you've chosen to throw it at us.

And we, quite willingly, have been throwing domains up on the Internet since way back in 1997.

With your help we hope to continue throwing up for many years to come.

NEW One-Click: OpenVBX

Perk up your ears because this next piece of news sounds good. Literally. It sounds fantastic.


OpenVBX is essentially a souped-up version of Google Voice, but it's much more powerful! It runs on the Twilio network and allows you to tie your web app into a telephone-based voice network for just about any application you can think of.

Here's how it works.

Let's say you're writing a web app that requires all of its users to have a valid mobile phone number. You can use the OpenVBX API to send those users a confirmation code via SMS - automatically - in your own code.

You can set up your own automated phone tree, voicemail system, forward phone calls, even set up some kind of SMS sending service - whatever!

OpenVBX runs on your DreamHost account and it's all PHP-based so you can modify it just about any way you'd like, even incorporating third-party plugins or writing your own.

There is one small catch - you'll need a paid Twilio account on the back end to use it. The good news is that you'll get $30 of Twilio credit just for signing up with them, so it's worth checking out!

If this whole concept is hard for you to wrap your head around, you're not alone. Twilio has gone to great lengths to explain exactly what their network does to the non-PhD crowd, complete with pretty drawings and things that fly across the screen.

Here's how Twilio works.

I know what you're thinking. And yes, automated robot phone sex is finally now possible. The first person to bring it into the world will be *filthy* rich. That could be you. Or me. I guess we'll just have to see who can type faster...

We've worked closely with our friends at Twilio to certify that OpenVBX works great on DreamHost servers. It took lots of hard work and many throaty, whispered phone calls in the dead of night to ensure that everything is as it should be. Suffice it to say that we like Twilio "more than a friend".

In fact, this is the first time we've offered a one-click software package that's *never been offered by anyone before*. That's how much confidence we have in its potential. Please, please, please check it out. It really is cool!

ePubBud Updates!

ePubBub continues to receive tender loving care from its tender lover who cares, Josh Jones.


Not a day goes by that Josh's side project doesn't get more useful. And more generous, because now he's giving away iPads!

Submit your own original children's eBook from now until September 30th, 2010 and you'll be entered in a drawing to win a 16GB iPad!

Win an iPad from ePubBud!

Submit more eBooks than anyone else and you'll get another iPad too!

The ePubBud library is now BIGGER than ever, converting uploaded files now happens FASTER than ever, creating a book on the site itself is now EASIER than ever, and the word 'ever' is now EVERYER than ever!

ePubBud is still a DRM-free zone, but you can also now charge money for your eBooks if you'd like. You can either set a fixed price or let your readers pay what they want for access to your childlike writings.

All funds earned will be sent straight to your PayPal account and ePubBud won't skim a single cent off your earnings.

Do it for the children!


DreamHost.org is a new website, conceived in ego, and dedicated to the proposition that not all web hosts are created equal.


As a web hosting company we tend to spend a lot of money on things that, quite frankly, we don't need to!

But we LIKE to give money to charities and we LIKE being carbon neutral and we LIKE providing a little financial support to open source projects.

DreamHost.org is a chance for us to toot our own horn. Luckily for you our toots are fragrant and evoke strong feelings - much like roses, we think.

Thanks to Javier R. for his hard work in making it all happen!

DreamHost 101: cPanel Migrator

In the world of web hosting control panels there's really only two that are used by any sizable percentage of the web hosting world. DreamHost's...and one that rhymes with cPanel.

Moving your data away from a cPanel-based host and on to your DreamHost account has always been a tricky proposition, not because it was hard, but because it could have been a lot easier.


Did you know that there's an easy, automated way to transfer all of your domains, site content, email addresses, databases, and user accounts from a cPanel host to DreamHost? And did you know that it's been sitting under your nose for the last SEVEN MONTHS?

DreamHost Web Panel : cPanel Importer

We announced our cPanel migrator back in October '09, but it's really such an underused feature of our web panel that we wanted to make sure you remember how wonderful it is.

You should also tell your friends about it, because they seem like cool people who deserve a better hosting experience.


There are two big winners in this month's DreamHost Site Of The Month contest!

The #1 winner in the CONTENT and ORIGINALITY categories is:
Brick Monkey
"This is my personal photography site. I love taking pictures and then blending them to what I see in them. Yeah it's Flash and can't be crawled by search engines and does not do wonders for traffic, but then again I don't really care. It's a personal site folks."


The #1 winner in the DESIGN, STRUCTURE, and OVERALL categories is:
"craigslist, discogs, ebay and 37 signals rolled into one."


Congratulations to this month's winners! Man, I never win anything!

Answer a survey - win an iPad!

The feedback we got from last month's survey was great. Overwhelming, even. Imagine sitting in front of your computer and having ten thousand people scream at you. In your face. Repeatedly. Over a period of several days.

We took the bad with the good and you made your wants and desires known to us in a way that only DreamHost customers can.

Unfortunately "die in a fire" is not one of our core competencies so we'll need to leave that one to the experts... However, "father my children" is something that I *personally* happen to be quite good at so if you could just email your photo and phone number into support I'll see what I can do for you, anonymous lovelorn survey taker.

Take the May 2010 Survey!

If you choose to provide your contact information at the end of this month's survey you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of two MORE 16GB Wifi iPads (USA models) - and we'll ship it to you anywhere in the world you happen to be.

Congratulations to "Tara G" and "Gary H" for winning last month's iPads. We've already contacted you directly so this should come as no surprise. Unless you've got memory problems...in which case I really recommend saving this email and reading it once a day to relive the magic.

See ya next month!

Your Pal,
Brett D!

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