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April 2017 Newsletter


You know what's great about people?

Stuff. All of their stuff! All of their gross, weird stuff.

You know what's great about the internet?

It lets those people share their stuff online! They can make a name for themselves, get all that stuff out into the world, and retain complete ownership of it all.

At least, that was the original idea! These days you surrender a lot of your rights whenever you post or upload *your own content* to social media platforms.

That's why DreamHost has long championed the concept of the Open Web and, more recently, the resurgence of the IndieWeb.

Understanding the IndieWeb is pretty simple.

When you post photos of updog online, the rights to those photos should remain with YOU.

When you write about updog, the rights to use those words should, again, remain with YOU.

Updog is just one fantastic example. ANY content that you create should belong to YOU, and not to a company that happens to run a platform that you use to share it.

We're happy to provide you with an *open* platform, because that's how it SHOULD be. Powerful, open source sharing tools like WordPress are built with YOU in mind. The monetization of your data and usage patterns never even enter into the picture.

Now get out there and get busy! There's updog to share!


Get Remixer Free While You Can!

Have you given Remixer a try yet?

No? You don't know what you're missing!

DreamHost Remixer

Remixer is our easy-to-use, click-to-edit website builder, designed and built from the ground up right here at DreamHost!

We've been talking about it for months! Are you sure you haven't tried it yet? Were you in a coma? Held hostage by Somali pirates? Trapped in a well?

Allow me to catch you up on something!

At some point in the month of May we plan to start charging for access to Remixer beyond its initial trial period.

But you know what? We like your face, so we're gonna do something special.

If you activate Remixer on your account NOW, we'll let you keep it.


While *new* customers will soon have to pay for the privilege of access to Remixer's delicate charms, you're a special breed. The cream of the crop. Real VIP material.

You'll be able to use Remixer free of charge for as long as you keep your shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting plan active OR for as long as you keep at least one domain registration active with DreamHost.

To take advantage of this offer, just click to "Start building your site" on your control panel, then log in to Remixer to lock it in.

DreamHost Web Panel: Remixer

It's really that easy! No tricks!

You'll get immediate access to a powerful site builder with no up-front charges and nothing to cancel later.

DreamHost Blog Roundup!

Our blog's been heating up lately and we want to make sure you're not missing any of our sweet, sweet content.

This month we said goodbye to HostingCon, a hosting conference that lasted for 13 glorious years!

A Fond Farewell to HostingCon

Aaand some other stuff!

Domain Wars: The Top 5 Ugliest Domain Disputes

6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website Now

Your Website Downtime Survival Guide

Spring Clean Your Website With This 13-Point Checklist

TLDs on sale!

A "top level domain" is the thing you throw at the end of your domain name.

".com" may still be king of the hill, but that can't last forever!

There are hundreds of these things running free in the wild, but we managed to rope in a few this month and wrangle their prices down to unbelievable lows.


The following top level domains are now on sale!

.xyz $2.95 (normally $12.99!)
.shop $6.95 (normally $29.95!)
.store $3.95 (normally $49.95!)
.online $2.95 (normally $29.95!)
.tech $7.95 (normally $49.95!)
.world $2.95 (normally $29.95!)
.com $11.95 (normally $13.95!)

You can also transfer in .com domains from other registrars for just $9.95!

It's now easier than ever to keep all your domains under one roof to take advantage of our free domain privacy protection, our award-winning support, and our commitment to your right to put as many cat pictures online as it takes to make you feel whole.

Discounts apply to the first year's registrations of new domains only.

DreamHost Web Panel: Domain Registration


DreamHost Site Of The Month

A website can receive no higher honor than to be named a DreamHost Site Of The Month. It is the website award that all other website awards aspire to be.

Each month YOU submit your sites for consideration and one lone DreamHost employee picks their favorite. That person is me.

This month's site of the month iiiiiis....

Fake It To Make It
"In this simulation-style social-impact game, players take on the role of someone creating and distributing fake news for profit."


I played this game for a while and picked up some really good tips that helped me to understand how fake news works and also how to make money!

Thanks for submitting, @FITMIGame!

Every month we get a bunch of really good entries for the DreamHost SOTM, and you should check them out! I'm serious. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes digging through them all!

View DreamHost Site Of The Month Entries

If you'd like your site to be considered as a site of the month, just TWEET your site's URL(s) with the #DreamHostSOTM hashtag and we'll take it from there. Enter as many months as you like!

We'll search through all the entries at the end of the month and assign a winner to the one site that tickles our fancies the most.


See ya next month!
Brett D!

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