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March 2014 Newsletter


March is nearly over and it's fiiiinally starting to feel like 2014!

Here's a small *sampling* of what YOU told us was going on in your lives in March, courtesy of the #DreamHostMarch handbag, chosen at random in no particular order!

Pablo and Joey just got older! Congrats guys! You're one step closer to death's inevitable embrace, just like the rest of us.

Richard hears voices and could probably use some help.

Kuzeko is on a TEN WEEK PLANE RIDE to Canada! Mid-air refuelling has finally come to commercial aircraft and I think that's just great.

MaikesMarvels celebrated Women's History Month with a Meet & Munch!

Nicole will be paying close attention to woodcocks.

Mommyhooddom is extremely optimistic.

Paula wants us to tell the story of a liquid metal @DreamHostSimon rising from the crater of Mount Kilauea where he is immediately made flesh and bone by a direct lightning strike and shortly thereafter is crowned with a wreath of golden chrysanthemums gingerly placed by two falcons wearing snail shells for helmets...but I don't think he wants that story to get out so forget it.

April will be much better!


Simon Says... (Written by CEO Simon Anderson!)

I'm feeling poetic this month!

A verdant hill of grassy opportunity,
Gently stirred by portent clouds,
Brings inspiration to imagination,
From where springs all things.


(Now back to Brett!)

NEW: DreamSpeed CDN

DreamObjects is, of course, our truly powerful CLOUD STORAGE service with unbeatable pricing and enough juice behind it to power your web apps from now into the next millennium!

DreamObjects is even API-compatible with Amazon's S3 AND OpenStack's Swift. That means that if you've already got an app that's written to work with either platform, in most cases a single hostname change is really all you'll need to do to take immediate advantage of reduced pricing and unbeatable support.

DreamHost: DreamObjects

Thousands of you are using DreamObjects TODAY and you've been giving us fantastic feedback. Your number one feature request? CDN support!

This month we took the wraps off of "DreamSpeed CDN," a content delivery network powered by Fastly that we've made available as an optional enhancement to your existing DreamObjects experience!

DreamSpeed CDN

DreamSpeed CDN relies on a global network of servers that work in concert to route your site's content to users as quickly and as directly as possible wherever they may be, resulting in smooth n' speedy delivery of your DreamObjects content.

Pricing for DreamSpeed CDN is in addition to standard DreamObjects pricing for outbound bandwidth, and it's about as simple and straightforward as we could make it!

Content served to users from the US and Europe is charged at $0.12 per GB, while content served to visitors in the Asia-Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand regions is charged at $0.19 per GB.

Enabling DreamSpeed CDN takes just a few minutes and we've documented the process in our wiki to help you move things along!

DreamHost Wiki: Setting Up DreamSpeed CDN

We even hosted a Q&A on Google Hangouts for DreamSpeed CDN in March to review some of its backstory and give you a quick demo!

Google Hangout: DreamSpeed CDN Q&A

Sound good? We think so!

But we're not stopping there.

We've got even more exciting news in store for DreamObjects coming your way in April, and while I can't reveal too much now, I can hint that it rhymes with "inconceivable rice crop".

Keep your eyes on @DreamHost and our blog to learn about that when it breaks...

Reach Out & Touch You Tour 2014!

For the past two years we've traveled the country seeking YOU out for an evening of stimulating conversations, light appetizers, and adult beverages. We're not even close to stopping!

We've just announced three stops on our Reach Out & Touch You Tour for 2014, and if you live in or around Atlanta, San Jose, or Seattle, you'll want to claim your tickets ASAP!

DreamHost's 2014 Reach Out & Touch You Tour

This is a rare opportunity for you to get face-to-face access to the people behind DreamHost. You'll meet tech support people, software developers, and everyone in between! It will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Mark your calendars and grab your tickets today - when they're gone, they're gone!

DreamHost WTF: Freedom of Speech!

What's That Feature? It's FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

As a US-based company, we hold the First Amendment of the US Constitution in the highest regard!

If you're wondering about the type of content we'll allow on our servers, keep in mind that we use the First Amendment as our yardstick.

Short answer: If it's legal in America, we'll host it!

That protection extends to racist whackjobs, alt-currency fanatics, and conspiracy aficionados.

Even if you don't live in America, we respect your right to say whatever you want because that's sort of what the Internet *is all about*!

If you're a person with a brain and can form sentences (that last part is key) the Internet is the place for you and your ideas, and DreamHost has your BACK!


The DreamHost Site Of The Month is a coveted title reserved for a select few DreamHost customers who really put the rest of us to shame with their incredible design skills, business ideas, content generation prowess, and/or rare abilities to tap into the Internet's ongoing fascination with Facebook's takeovers of ethereal VR tech.

As voted by YOU, the winners from FEBRUARY are as follows...

The winner in the CONTENT category is:
The History of Britain
"A resource for learning and exploring the long, fascinating history of Britain. The History of Britain is intended for and run by amateur British History enthusiasts."


Stonehenge was left by aliens so you guys might want to post a retraction.

The winner in the STRUCTURE, DESIGN, ORIGINALITY, and OVERALL categories is:
Scantic River Guitars
"MANUFACTURERS OF CUSTOM LAP STEEL GUITARS (A custom designed/coded WordPress theme for makers of lap steel guitars)"


These things are so beautiful it's almost a shame to use them for music.

Remember, you can always click through to the "DreamHost Site Of The Month" section of your account control panel at any time to submit your own site(s), vote on candidates, and view all winners past and present.

DreamHost Web Panel: DHSOTM

Nice work errrrrbody!


See ya next month!
Brett D!

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