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January 2011 Newsletter


It's 2011!


It's not.

Not for me, anyway! I'm testing an incredible new product that we've spent the last six months developing here at the DreamHost Labs.

I shouldn't really say what it is, buuuuu....OKAY IT'S A TIME MACHINE!

I am writing this message from what you would call "the past".

Yes, it's a rainy Monday morning all the way back here in December 2010.

We've harnessed the power of time travel and I am living proof!

Christmas hasn't even happened yet! I truly have no idea what 2011 looks, smells, or feels like. And I won't for at least another week; such is the nature of my decision to engage in the highly-risky, fraught-with-peril world of experimental time travel.

I might get in a LOT of trouble for telling you this, but the winning Powerball numbers for 12/18/2010 are 4, 11, 19, 33, 43, and the bonus number is 14.

We're a Top Workplace!

Our local paper, the Orange County Register, teamed up with Workplace Dynamics to identify the top 75 best places to work in Orange County in 2010.

They surveyed employees from over 100 companies throughout the county. Some were invited; some applied on their own. The responses to those surveys directly determined who made the list and who didn't.

We're happy to announce that DreamHost was selected as a top workplace for 2010! We actually ranked 9th out of 40 small companies in Orange County.

Read The Article!

When employees were asked to respond to this statement... "My job makes me feel like I am part of something meaningful." ...we ranked 10th out of all 111 companies for positive responses.

Our Announcement

We didn't receive a fancy lucite award for being named to the list, but that's just as well because the warm prideful glow from our hearts would have melted it.

If you live in Southern California or would like to someday soon, you're in luck! We're looking to grow and we are actively hiring for many different positions.

Now Hiring!

Come work for a Top Workplace in 2011!

Which for YOU is RIGHT NOW! But not me.

(Because of the time machine.)

PHP 5.3.4 Now Available!

We last upgraded PHP (to version 5.2) back in Feburary 2007. It feels like only yesterday. For me. Not you. (Time machine.)

Today we're happy to announce that PHP 5.3.4 is now an available option for all fully-hosted DreamHost domains!

We've spent a lot of time running it through a beta test and we're feeling pretty good about ripping that beta label off and just throwin' it out there. Which we've done. Today.

To enable PHP 5.3.4 on any of your domains, just visit the "Manage Domains" section of your DreamHost control panel.

Manage Domains

Click the 'edit' button in the 'web hosting' column for any of your fully-hosted domains, then select "PHP 5.3 (FastCGI)" from the "PHP Mode" dropdown. Submit the form and MERE MINUTES later you'll have the latest and greatest.

And what IS the latest and greatest? Whelp, among other new features our installation of PHP 5.3 includes an extension called "Suhosin"

Suhosin will protect against both known and unknown security issues in your PHP code. This is a particularly good idea if you're running pre-written PHP scripts that you've downloaded from a third party.

Our build of PHP 5.3 includes several other new extensions you've been asking for, including bz2, soap, xmlrpc, and zip. These added extensions should keep all your extension-hungry web apps satisfied... for now!

PHP 5.3 also includes support for such tantalizing features as:

  • Late static binding - AWESOME!
  • Optional garbage collection for cyclic references - INCREDIBLE!
  • Anonymous lambda functions - WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG!

Honestly, PHP 5.3 makes 2007 look like the dark ages.

Which I have also been to.

The Apps Are IN!

A little while ago we put out a call to developers to submit their web apps for possible inclusion in our One-Click software installer.

Call for Apps!

We were inundated with submissions. But we kept up! Each app was reviewed, evaluated, and we did a quick check under their hoods to make sure there was nothing inherently dangerous about them.

Today we've taken every web application that passed our rigorous inspection process and have made them available for immediate installation on all DreamHost accounts.

Read the announcement!

Now it's time to vote.

Install / Use / Vote!

Click the "App Contest" category to view all of the eligible entries.

Take them for a test drive! Install them, play with them, see what they can do for you. When you've had your fill, go back and rate the apps you've just tried out on a 1-5 star scale.

On February 1st we'll close the voting and we'll have our winners. iPod Touches, Amazon Kindles, and even a MacBook Pro await the highest-rated app submitters. Reward their skill with just a few minutes of your time.

Time, incidentally, has no more meaning for me. Because of this SWEET TIME MACHINE.

DreamHost 101: Account Tester!

Look, stuff happens. Hard drives die, power supplies blow out, sites get DDoSsed... When that happens you're probably checking dreamhoststatus.com as fast as your fingers can punch in the URL.


Website problems can come in all shapes and sizes. Some have pretty obvious fixes. Some are a little more subtle. Some just don't seem to make any sense at all!

That's when you'll want to have a more experienced pair of eyes looking things over. Our account tester does just that.

DreamHost Account Tester

It's actually a web-based front-end for a highly-skilled robot (from the future) who has been programmed to do one thing and one thing only: Examine many different facets of your DreamHost account's configuration and then alert you to any potential problems.

Think of it as free preventative maintenance for your DreamHost account!

If any trouble spots are found it'll even give you some pointers on how to get them fixed up. If you consider yourself better at breaking things than fixing them, our support team will also be happy to provide assistance wherever you need it.


As voted by you, the winners for DECEMBER are as follows...

The winner in the STRUCTURE category is:
Republic of Cyberia
"Republic of Cyberia is a virtual nation designed to make children 360 degree smart - cyber smart, money smart, environment smart, science smart etc. The Republic of Cyberia has 17 sectors. Each sector has its own emblem and its own entry level eligibility. Republic of Cyberia enjoys its own living, breathing language - cyTalk!"


The winner in the ORIGINALITY category is:
"TaggedBack.com offers a simple way to document the things that you own allowing for easier return if they are lost. Give it a try for free!"


The winner in the CONTENT, DESIGN, and OVERALL categories is:
Peter-Paul de Meijer - Photographer
"Peter-Paul de Meijer is a freelance photographer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, working for a few national and international action sports and lifestyle magazines. If you like the online folio, be sure to check out the blog at www.superettepierre.eu as well!"


Congratulations to the winners!

Don't forget to cast your votes (and enter your own site) for the next round of DHSOTMs at


Sound Off - Win a Kindle!

With every survey we put online we come to know a little more about you.

Who knows...this little back-and-forth we've got going could one day blossom into something more than just innocent flirting.

Take the DreamHost January 2011 survey now!

DreamHost January 2011 Survey!

One lucky survey respondant selected at random will receive an Amazon Kindle 3G for their trouble.

"Why go to the trouble of conducting a survey when you have a time machine?" you may ask. Well if we didn't post the survey at all then there wouldn't be any responses for us to read later! Obviously.

See ya next month!

Greetings from 2010,
Brett D!

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